Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 : Glitchy Mess?
Well as excited as most franchise fans were after waiting 13 years since Pro Skater 4's release, the 5th installment seems to almost unanimously disappointing.

IGN, Shacknews, Games Rader, EGM and several other major reviews outlets all panning the game for its poor performance, glitches, bad network connectivity, bland levels, average sound track and a myriad of other issues. Here's a few you can read for yourself to get more of the details.

With PlayStation and Xbox versions out now, the PC version is still a month or so away. It's possible they could fix some of the glitches and performance issues by then but the bland level design and sub par network connectivity issues seem fundamentally an issue and very disappointing.

Time to go back and play THPS 3 and 4 again!

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